Saskatoon Community Foundation Grants $5 Million in 2014!

Thanks to Saskatoon’s generosity, in 2014, the Saskatoon Community foundation was able to grant over $5 million! Not so long ago, it seemed a remote dream that the Foundation would grow to the point of granting $1 million in a single year. However, since 2002, the assets managed by the Saskatoon Community Foundation have grown from $7 million to over $60 million. This growth reflects the generosity of Saskatoon citizens and their investment in making Saskatoon the best community in which to live.

The $5 million dollars granted consists of 493 grants made to 218 different community organizations in 2014. The Saskatoon Community Foundation’s grants reach out to every sector of our community, addressing a broad range of community issues. The grants range in size from large to small, depending on the organization and project. Our Signature Grant of $50,000.00 to the Friends of the Broadway Theatre funded renovations to the lobby and concession of this Saskatoon landmark and heritage building, while our Youth Advisory Council awarded $100 to International Women of Saskatoon for its family programs.

While endowed funds created by donors have long been the core of the Foundation’s business, and have been a significant part of the recent success of the Saskatoon community foundation, an equally significant factor in this growth has been the success of our many corporate and community partnerships. We have customized corporate granting programs like PotashCorp Partnership Grants and North Prairie Capacity Building Grants to assist companies in managing their response to requests for community support. We have also built corporate endowment funds for organizations like Investors Group, Hitachi or the Sutton Financial Group. We have also partnered with community organizations such as Friends of the Bowl and the Kinsmen Club of Saskatoon.

Over its 45 years of service to our community, the Saskatoon Community Foundation has accepted thousands of gifts from thousands of donors, and made thousands of grants to local charities. In a typical year, the Saskatoon Community Foundation grants to over 200 local charities. Over its entire history, total grants are in excess of 19 million dollars! Because the Saskatoon Community Foundation invests donor gifts, granting only the income, all of these gifts will continue to have a positive impact for Saskatoon, forever!