Donating to the Saskatoon Community Foundation is a little bit different from donating to other charities. The Saskatoon Community Foundation is ideal for donors who want their gift to go on for the long-term, and for donors who are interested in creating their charitable legacy in the community. The purpose of the Saskatoon Community Foundation is to create and grow endowment funds that will continue to generate funds for local charities in perpetuity.

Gifts to Saskatoon Community Foundation last forever. Whether you give $10 dollars or a million dollars, we invest your gift, and support the community with the income from that gift. The original gift is protected forever, and goes on helping forever. Donors can achieve their charitable goals in many ways, depending on their needs and the level of their gift, including simple cash donations, Named Funds, Designated Funds, Field of Interest Funds, and Donor Advised Funds. Donors can give cash, securities and options, life insurance policies, bequests and even property. Every fund and every donor is important, for each tells a story of giving and generosity that will benefit our community forever.

Ways to Give

There are many ways to give. Our experienced and knowledgeable staff can help you choose the means that is best for you.

Donation Options

The Saskatoon Community Foundation is unique in the wide variety of donation options it can offer its donors. Whether you are a first time donor or a long-time philanthropist creating your legacy in our community, the Saskatoon Community Foundation can help you to find the means of giving that best suits your charitable goals and the assets you want to donate.


An endowment helps diversify your organization’s income and reduces your dependence on other sources.

Non-endowed Funds

The Saskatoon Community Foundation accepts donations and forwards the proceeds to your charity of choice.


Individual charities can also harness the power of endowments by creating their own endowed funds.

Donor Profiles