Strategic Grantmaking is the core of what the Saskatoon Community Foundation does. Through the efforts of the Grants Committee, we support over 100 different charities each year. Our grants support a wide range of community needs, including poverty, education, health, arts & culture, people with disabilities, environment, family, children and youth, and many other worthy causes that matter to the people of Saskatoon. Since 1970, the Saskatoon Community Foundation has made hundreds of community grants totaling over 29 million dollars. Each of these hundreds of grants represents only a small piece of the charitable programs that make our community the best place to live.

The Quality of Life Granting Program is our core unrestricted granting program. In addition to Quality of Life, we have several other opportunities for charities to funding from corporate granting programs, donor funds and Youth Endowment Saskatoon.

Please refer to our Granting Policy before submitting your application.


Granting in 2018

The funds traditionally used for the Signature Grant and Capacity Grants has temporarily been re-allocated for 2017. These funds have been used to secure additional funds from the Community Fund for Canada 150th – a partnership between the Community Foundations of Canada, Government of Canada, PotashCorp and the Saskatoon Community Foundation. The next opportunity to apply for the Signature Grant or Capacity Building Grants will be in 2018.

Signature Grant

Currently suspended

A Signature Grant is awarded annually in one of the six key areas and should have a significant long-term impact on the issue being addressed. Preference will be given to capital projects

Capacity Building Grants

Currently suspended

The Saskatoon Community Foundation is committed to building a strong charitable sector in Saskatoon. To promote strong organizations and guarantee continuity of high quality services, all charities need to be proactive about building their internal capacity to deliver their programs.