Innovative Partnerships Lead to Record Donations in 2014

Thanks to Saskatoon’s generosity, the Saskatoon Community Foundation received over $8.4 million in donations in 2014. This record support reflects commitments to long-term endowments as well as innovative community partnerships which allow donations to be directed to current community projects, like the Friends of the Bowl Campaign.

According to SCF Executive Director Trevor Forrest “As a Foundation, we are evolving and adapting to the needs of our community. While our traditional endowment model supports donors in providing for a permanent legacy, our business model also allows us to develop community partnerships that engage donors in the immediate needs of the community.”

In 2014, a significant portion of the record donations was attributable to the partnership with the Friends of the Bowl Campaign. In addition the SCF was able to help facilitate donor’s philanthropy by helping donors direct their donations to the charities of their choice.

This watershed year brings the assets currently under SCF’s management to over $64 million, almost double the assets managed by SCF five years ago. Investment returns in 2014 were 8.55%, bringing SCF’s 20-year average for investment returns to 8.2%.

Forrest added “This growth reflects the continued confidence of our donors in the expertise of the SCF not only to manage their gifts, but also to direct support to the areas of greatest need in our community.”

The recent growth of the Saskatoon Community Foundation is expected to continue to bear fruit in the future. “ In addition to the increase in current gifts, the SCF expects to benefit from a recent increase in the number of planned gifts donors have included in their estate plans,” said Forrest, “Clearly, more and more, charitable people in our community trust SCF to carry on their philanthropy after their passing.”

Over its 45 years of service to our community, the Saskatoon Community Foundation has accepted thousands of gifts from thousands of donors, and made thousands of grants to local charities. In a typical year, the Saskatoon Community Foundation grants to over 200 local charities. Over its entire history, total grants are in excess of $19 million, including more than $5 million in grants in 2014. Because the Saskatoon Community Foundation invests donor gifts and grants the income generated by endowed funds received, these gifts will continue to have a positive impact for Saskatoon, forever!

Innovative Partnerships Lead to Record Donations in 2014 - News Release (pdf)

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