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Salute 2014!

Salute 2014

L to R: Greg Yuel, SCF Chair Zeba Ahmad, Stuart Sutton, Karen Archibald (CHEP), and Don Ewles, SCF Grants and Communications Manager.

On May 14, 2014, charities, donors, volunteers and staff gathered at Prairieland Park for Salute!, a celebration of the Saskatoon Community Foundation’s Quality of Life grants for 2014.

Quality of Life Grants is the Saskatoon Community Foundation’s core unrestricted granting program. This program grants more funds to Saskatoon charities than any other granting program at SCF. Our unrestricted funds come from gifts from literally thousands of donors over the years, all of whom made the decision to allow SCF discretion to grant the funds where they can make the greatest impact on our city’s quality of life.

Sponsored in 2014 by Sutton Financial, Salute! pays tribute to the Saskatoon charities, as well as their staff and volunteers, who in 2013 will carry forward the mission of the Saskatoon Community Foundation by providing programs and services that improve the quality of life in Saskatoon. Salute is also a tribute to the many donors over our 44 year history who gave generously to ensure that local charities would be supported in making Saskatoon the best community in which to live.
Stuart Sutton from Sutton Financial brought greetings as our sponsor. Greg Yuel was our keynote speaker, talking about the importance of giving family philanthropy and the project to renew Gordie Howe Bowl, in which the Saskatoon Community Foundation has partnered with the City of Saskatoon to receive donations for the project from the citizens of Saskatoon. (Check out if you want to get involved.)

In 2014, Quality of Life were awarded to 30 organizations. From this wide pool of worthy programs, we invited Karen Archibald from CHEP Good Food to speak about the impact of the Backyard Garden project, which will bring together people who want to garden with others who have yard space available, to build social relationships as well as our community’s capacity to grow healthy foods. Karen also spoke about the impact of previous SCF grants, including the 2007 Signature Grant which provided the colourful refrigerator truck we see driving around town delivering good food.

Thanks to Stuart Sutton and Sutton Financial for sponsoring Salute! and helping us share the stories of SCF’s ongoing support for our community!