Signature Grants Support the Elderly

MVA improves accessibilityLeft to Right: Vivienne Hauck, Luthercare CEO; Trevor Forrest, SCF Executive Director; Annette Claffey, Jubilee Residences; Ian Sutherland, SCF Board; Joanne Wurmlinger, SCF Grant Chair; Zeba Ahmad, SCF Board; Morley Mitchell, Oliver Lodge; Bart Hunter, SCF Board Chair.

In 2011, several seniors’ organizations made requests to improve the quality of life in special care homes caring for elders in our community.  Often overlooked, our elders were once the backbone of our community, providing the pioneer spirit, work ethic, and character that shaped our community for us to enjoy. Elders are also the fastest growing segment of our population. With the post-WWII generation approaching its 70s, the largest, healthiest, wealthiest generation ever to walk the earth is now in need of our care, and we owe it to them.

Oliver Lodge, Luthercare Foundation and Jubilee Residences Foundation have all worked for decades to provide high quality personal care to seniors in our community. Each has its own dedicated staff and corps of volunteers who work hard to make sure that seniors’ quality of life and comfort comes first. All three have embarked on long-awaited projects to ensure that high quality of care continues into the future.

To Oliver Lodge, the Saskatoon Community Foundation has granted $25,000.00 to create its Cosy Corner, a homelike area off its main dining room, where families can meet and visit in a comfortable welcoming atmosphere. The area provides space not available in resident rooms, along with privacy for families to visit with loved ones. The Cosy Corner is also connected to the patio and garden area to take advantage of our beautiful Saskatoon summers.

To Jubilee Residences Foundation, the Saskatoon Community Foundation has granted $25,000.00 toward a new hydrosound tub system for Stensrud Lodge. Maintaining good hygiene is important not only to quality of life but also to health. As compared to the older, jet-style tubs, hydrosound systems can guarantee that there is virtually no chance of infection passing from one resident to another, and the lack of water jets makes them less alarming for residents living with dementia.

To Luthercare Foundation, Saskatoon Community Foundation has granted $25,000.00 toward the creation of a new kitchen for Luther Special Care Home. The new kitchen will follow current design trends in elder care, by creating an area that is open and inviting to the residents, rather than the traditional closed facility for staff only. This new design encourages the engagement of the residents in the activities of the kitchen, encourages interaction with staff, and promotes volunteerism and self-care, all of which lead to improved quality of life and care for the residents of the home.

The Saskatoon Community Foundation is proud to provide support for the elders in our community. Without them, Saskatoon would not be what it is today. By showing compassion toward our elders, we can create the kind of community in which we can all grow older with dignity, caring and compassion.