Fund Minimums and Fee Schedules

The Saskatoon Community Foundation fees and granting policies are subject to ongoing review and change by the Foundation’s Board of Directors. The fees are designed to recover or offset some administrative cost.


Granting Policy – Board approved 3.5% (2019 disbursements).

For new funds set up in the current year, the grant disbursement may be held back to allow for fund to earn full year of income.


Legacy Funds – Endowed (See minimum fund levels below):

  • 1.5% of the fund value, assessed quarterly on ending prior month balance.
  • 1% for >$1 million
  • Fund earns investment returns, to cover fee and grants
  • 5 year (net) average rate of return: 7.02% as of 2017 

Legacy Agency Funds – Endowed (minimum $10,000):

  • Donor Changes to Agreements – $75 change fee assessed. (payable by cheque)
  • 1% of fund value, assessed quarterly on ending balance of prior month

Managed Funds for Charities – Non-Endowed (minimum $100,000):

  • 1% of fund value, assessed quarterly on ending balance of prior month

Granting Flow-Through Account (minimum $1,000):

  • 1.5% gift/capital contribution * assessed at time of gift

Granting Program (minimum $50,000):

  • $5,000 minimum fee, Plus cost recovery for program advertising
  • Reduced fee for programs over $350,000

Campaigns & Fundraisers Receipting Fee:

  • 2% of funds raised, (Flow through account required, fee applied for multiple receipts)
  • Memorandum of Understanding for services and publicity

*Unless statedfees are assessed annually, prorated quarterly


Saskatoon Fund (Century Club): Donations under $5,000

Flow Through Funds: $1,000

Named Endowed Funds: $5,000

Social Capital Accounts: $5,000 and 6 months invested

Designated/Field of Interest Endowed Funds: $10,000

Agency Fund: $10,000

Managed Fund: $100,000

Student Award Endowed Fund: $50,000

Corporate Granting Program (Flow Through): $50,000

Donor Advised: $50,000

Donor Foundation (Fund): $500,000+  *Total fee levied 2% for Foundation Services Package