The Robert A. (Bob) Steane Legacy Fund

Bob Steane once referred to philanthropy as his second career, a career he never knew he was taking on until he found himself involved in the community.

As a former COO of Cameco, Bob was a citizen of Saskatoon, Canada and the world. Bob was born in Mpanda, Tanzania into a mining family. The Steane family emigrated to Canada in 1953, living in a small mining community near Salmo, BC and then Vancouver. He attended BCIT and then completed a Bachelor of Science in Metallurgical Engineering at the Colorado School of Mines in Golden, Colorado. During his mining career, he worked in Papua New Guinea, Namibia, and Australia. He was recruited by Cameco, returning to Canada to the run the Key Lake mine in Northern Saskatchewan. This was an opportunity to work in a deposit with incredibly high levels of uranium ore. This was the beginning of a 34-year career with Cameco. He also spent 8 years leading Cameco’s Fuel services operation in Port Hope, Ontario.

Once Bob had retired from his mining career, he found many opportunities to become involved in community projects. When he got involved, he did not simply provide funds. He rolled up his sleeves and enjoyed the work, striving to understand the issues at stake and find the means to effect real change and real impact. He felt that received back more than he gave to the charities. In reference to his philanthropy, Bob’s thinking was modest and pragmatic:

“What good is wealth if you don’t do something with it? I’m just happy and fortunate I’m in a position to do something like that.”

He worked with many charities during this “second career.” Bob served on the board of Royal University Hospital Foundation. He volunteered at the Lighthouse and participated in United Way fundraisers (including twice climbing the CN Tower in Toronto during the time he was living in Port Hope). He also sponsored the Saskatoon Friendship Inn for a day, also volunteering to serve the breakfast with other members of his family. He also made significant gifts to Royal University Hospital Foundation, Saint Paul’s Hospital Foundation, Saskatoon Community Foundation, Persephone Theatre, Shakespeare on the Saskatchewan, and other charities too numerous to mention.

“Bob was a gentle person, but possessed the mental capacity and ingrained curiosity that led him to naturally challenge himself and others. He loved life and had the confidence to embrace many people and, really, a multitude of global initiatives.  Ultimately, Saskatoon was his home and we should be very proud that he chose us.” Bob’s partner, Kathy Berg

The Robert A. (Bob) Steane Legacy Fund reflects the commitment he showed during his life to community work that could make Saskatoon a better place. Three organizations will receive equal portions of his estate. Royal University Hospital Foundation will receive funds to support work in the areas of medical imaging, mental health and trauma. St. Paul’s Hospital Foundation will receive funds to support work in the area of hospice care. Saskatoon Community Foundation will receive funds to support the arts and to alleviate homelessness, with an emphasis on measurable change and lasting impact. The gifts represent the largest single donations received to date by all three foundations.  Thanks to Bob’s incredible generosity, all three Foundations have resources to change Saskatoon for the better.

To Be a Bob by creating your own legacy, contact Jen Pederson, Philanthropic Advisor, at 306.665.9880 or to discuss how we can help to tell your story, or donate below to one of the existing Community Funds or legacies left by other community leaders.

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