Our Volunteers

The community volunteers who serve on our Board and Committees ensure that the community’s voice is always at the forefront of our activities at the Saskatoon Community Foundation. Their experience and expertise makes us stronger, allows us to accomplish our goals, and creates new relationships that will provide the necessary leadership and guidance to bring us success in the coming years. We cannot thank them enough for offering their time and talent in the service of the community!

Amberlea ChabotAudit & Finance
Danielle FavreauAudit & Finance, Executive
Gerald SchermanAudit & Finance
Byron MackAudit & Finance
Carson HeagyAudit & Finance, Grants
Ian SutherlandAudit & Finance, Governance, and Investment
Cara Petrovicz Executive, Governance, and Grants
Curtis KimptonExecutive, Gala, Governance, Grants, Grants Sub Committee on Reconciliation, Investment, Vital Signs Advisory
Tiffany PaulsenExecutive, Vital Signs Advisory
Raj KaviaExecutive, Gala
Eugene ArcandGala
Carrie CatherineGala
Crystal MacLeodGala
Brianna BergeronGala
Dawn WasacaseGala
Donna HughesGala
Heath MulliganGala
Lori CoolicanGala
Ken JubaGala
Linda ClouthierGala
Lorna ArcandGala
Lisa MooneyGala
Milton GreyeyesGala
Kayla McqueenGala
Tracy MuggliGala
Craig MedwydukGala
Tanner MichalenkoGala
Trent NormanGala
Aftab AhmadGovernance, Investment
Bev LafondGovernance
Darlene BesseyGovernance, Vital Signs Advisory
Shirley GreyeyesGovernance
Dinny HolroydGrants
Judy PellyGrants, Grants Sub Committee on Reconciliation
Lorri ArcandGrants
Morgan HacklGrants
Shreya PahwaGrants
Randy HuismanGrants
Gilbert KewistepGrants Sub Committee on Reconciliation
Leanne BellegardeGrants Sub Committee on Reconciliation
Shirley IsbisterGrants Sub Committee on Reconciliation
David LarsenInvestment
Bill TurnbullInvestment
Susan MilburnInvestment
Wanda HunchakInvestment
CeCe BaptisteVital Signs Advisory
June BoldVital Signs Advisory
Kathy AllenVital Signs Advisory
Monica KruegerVital Signs Advisory
Rhett SangsterVital Signs Advisory
Ahraf MirmontahaiVital Signs Advisory
Colleen Christopherson-CoteVital Signs Advisory
Alison RobertsonVital Signs Advisory
Bill HoldenVital Signs Advisory
Sandra BlevinsVital Signs Advisory
Lenore SwystunVital Signs Advisory
Morgan FisherYouth Advisory Committee
Brandon ApplegateYouth Advisory Committee
Jessica McNabYouth Advisory Committee
Morning ThompsonYouth Advisory Committee
Azwa AlamYouth Advisory Committee
Scott Derex-DouglasYouth Advisory Committee
Bryanna FullertonYouth Advisory Committee
Ivy FlorendoYouth Advisory Committee
Areeba BilalYouth Advisory Committee
Momin BilalYouth Advisory Committee