Giving Securities: Good for the Community – Good for You!

By: Susan Milburn, Financial Advisor, Raymond James, and former Chair of the Saskatoon Community Foundation. A donation to your favourite charity is good for our community, but you can also make that charitable donation do double duty by making it good for you! As both a long time donor to the Saskatoon Community Foundation and […]

Advisor Perspective: How Do you Approach Charitable Giving with your Clients?

By Kevin Hegedus, Financial Planner, Prairie Wealth Management, and Saskatoon Community Foundation Donor Estate planning can be one of the most difficult and emotional discussions for clients and their family members alike. Which is why the relationship between financial advisors and their clients can be a crucial component to the Estate Planning process. It is […]


We are a local organization with deep roots in the community, and part of a nationwide movement whose support we build and share. We bring donors to the table as community builders, working closely with them to align their philanthropic vision with the community’s needs. We identify long-term needs and opportunities and invest in solutions that let our communities guide […]


Life insurance is the one asset almost everyone has. For the young parent with limited dollars, it is a way to protect the family against economic loss in the event of a parent’s premature death. For the business owner, it may provide dollars to buy out a deceased partner’s interest or compensate for the loss […]


Gifts of appreciated securities that are publicly listed have an added benefit of eliminated capital gains. Donors can benefit from this added incentive to reduce the real cost of their charitable giving or increase the amount of their gifts without increasing the cost. The transaction is generally a simple electronic transfer of shares undertaken by the […]


Cash When a donor makes a gift of cash or property to a local community foundation, every dollar goes to work the moment it is given, providing vital current support to local programs and/or building endowment funds to provide support for the future. A gift of cash gives a donor the satisfaction of seeing their […]


One of the simplest and most important things you can do to help your clients enjoy the benefits of charitable giving is to ask them the giving question: “Is there a cause you care deeply for or a community need you would like to have an impact on? Why raise charitable giving at all? Your […]

Listening for Charitable Opportunities

Philanthropy is a very personal decision. A professional advisor can help clients realize their charitable objectives by listening for charitable giving opportunities, explaining options, and suggesting solutions. Significant giving opportunities often arise when clients are making major business, personal, and financial decisions where the motivation isn’t just the cause, but also the benefits of giving. Saskatoon Community Foundation can work […]


Many professional advisors will arrive here searching for tools and resources to rely on when talking about charitable giving with clients. But why should you discuss philanthropy with your clients? In 2014 a study was jointly commissioned by the Canadian Association of Gift Planners, Giv3 Foundation, the Philanthropic Foundations of Canada and BMO. It was […]


Saskatoon Community Foundation knows you have worked hard to build a nest egg, making wise decision along the way to provide for yourself and your family. Talking with your advisor about planning a charitable bequest (a gift in your will) can make a huge difference to your estate and your legacy. To make Saskatoon Community […]