The Verna and Lionel McGillivray Fund for Children in Saskatchewan

Verna and Lionel McGillivray established their Fund for Children in Saskatchewan with a bequest to the Saskatoon Community Foundation, when Verna passed away shortly after her husband Lionel. This generous Saskatoon couple had several goals for their donation including benefiting “disadvantaged children within the province of Saskatchewan” and “Christmas cheer for needy families.”

Beginning in 2019, the portion of the McGillivray Fund which supports children will be granted by the Youth Advisory Council as part of the Youth Endowment Saskatoon grant application process. Consequently, applicants seeking these funds will have to apply in the first week of February. Click here to visit the Youth Endowment Saskatoon page.

Each year, a portion is granted to support Camp Easter Seal.

The remainder of the Fund is granted to provide “Christmas cheer to needy families” in response to applications. To apply, click the link above.

Application deadline is October 15th at 5:00 p.m. each year.

To support the mission of the Verna and Lionel McGillivray Fund for Children in Saskatchewan, you can make your donation below.

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